Douro Marina - Vila Nova, Portugal - by Barbosa & Guimarães Arquitectos

The project was developed by Portuguese studio Barbosa & Guimarães Arquitectos. A linear building, which stretches along the existing car park, defining the boundary between pedestrian and automobile.

Distributed by a two-storey building, the longitudinal span integrates the reception, changing rooms, workshops, administration offices, secretarial, two training rooms, meeting room and a set of commercial spaces.

The two perpendicular buildings, also with a two-storey height, will be occupied by a restaurant on the first building and a spa/gymin the second building.

La Comédie De Bethune - Bethune, France - by Manuelle Gautrand Architects

The project was developed by French based studio Manuelle Gautrand Architects. Firstly named “National Drama Center of the Nord Pas de Calais” then “Theater of the Northern Countries” and finally renamed “La Comédie De Bethune”.

by Agathe Alexis and Alain Barsacq who managed it from 1992, this theater distinguishes itself by its location in the heart of a territory marked by the crisis.

Since the 1980s, culture has become a priority in the development of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais area; “La Comédie De Bethune” reflected the will of the elected representatives of the department to be equipped with a National Drama center.

Place of reference and artistic excellence where the theater can express itself in all its forms and reach all audiences, the building contributes strongly to the attractiveness of the area and represents the most emblematic cultural equipment of the city. 

The new stair for the Wellcome Collection - London, UK - by Wilkinson Eyre Architects

The project was designed by Stirling Prize winning superstar architects Wilkinson Eyre, the stair spirals asymmetrically through three floors of the building and serves to bring brand new galleries and remodeled spaces together. 

The 17.5 metric ton steel structure is sculpted into a flowing, swirling form, enticing visitors to explore a bigger, bolder Wellcome Collection.

A spectacular new stair is unveiled as Wellcome Collection nears completion of a £17.5million expansion of its venue. 

Lone Ranger Hot Dog Shop- Shanghai, China - by LINEHOUSE Architects

The project was completed by Chinese based studio LINEHOUSE. The innovative shop is set to create a new modern fast food identity for Lone Ranger; a hot dog shop, incorporating a wild west theme.

Replacing the entire façade of the shop located at the waterfront of the Hangpu River, Shanghai, LINEHOUSE created a playful composition of white timber weatherboards, raw timber, and custom printed tiles featuring an arrowhead motif.

The exterior is composed of opening doors and shutter panels, which when opened reveals the continuous tile pattern which wraps the counters and floors. The exterior counters seats 6 with a further 6 seats inside.

Office building - Stuttgart, Germany - by Blocher Blocher Partners

Pretty much a Concrete Monolith structure designed by re-known German based studio Blocher Blocher Partners.  

The rustic charm of exposed concrete – a double-layered concrete façade with cavity insulation – plays off against the ethereal transparency of broad windows. Elements of Sipo mahogany, strategically placed, give the façade depth; and the clean lines add a sense of order and dynamics. 

The percentage of glass reflects the specifications set by the DNGB for the gold certification, while the wooden cubes minimize the appearance of the building’s shell and absorb sound. These cubes also allow for manual control of ventilation, in addition to the automatically controlled blinds that block sunlight.

Garden Bridge - London, UK - by Thomas Heatherwick Architects

London based studio Thomas Heatherwick unveils the the first image of the controversial Garden Bridge project for London in collaboration with Arup, just 24 hours after the £175 million project was threatened by a legal challenge.

The proposed 367-metre London bridge will be coated in a rust-resistant copper-nickel alloy from its feet on the river bed up to the underside of the bridge deck. 

The Garden Bridge Trust – the non-profit organisation behind the project – has described the copper as "a fundamental part of designer Thomas Heatherwick's concept" for the pedestrian bridge, which will span the River Thames between the South Bank and Temple.

Apple store - Hangzhou, China - by Foster + Partners

British superstar studio Foster + Partners has completed a major new Apple store close to Hangzhou’s West Lake, China.

The project combines an understanding of the local context with the philosophy of simplicity, beauty and technical innovation that characterizes Apple’s products. Close collaboration between Apple and Foster + Partners’ integrated team of architects and engineers has created the ideal environment in which to view and interact with Apple’s products.

Electric Black Cab - London, UK - by Metrocab

The new concept of the iconic BLACK CAB has been modernized by a "zero-emission" electric black taxi designed by Metrocab. The prototype has been approved and already on the streets of London.

Designed and engineered to help London meet its air quality targets, the Metrocab is electric-powered and emits 75 per cent less carbon dioxide than a comparable London taxi.

Philharmonie - Paris, France - by Jean Nouvel

Another great building developed by French superstar iconic architect Jean Nouvel.  

The winter sun glinted off the Philharmonie de Paris as if it had been specially summoned to show off the distinct patterning of cast aluminium and reflective steel.

Arrayed in an MC Escher-esque motif, the 340,000 tiles depicting abstracted birds are just one of several spirited and inspired features that define this concert hall as different from all others.

1061_Luna - Melbourne, Australia -Elenberg Fraser

The residential building was designed by Australian based studio Elenberg Fraser. It has inspired a dedicated fan web-site, generations of fancy-dress costumes and countless YouTube tribute videos, and now a building. 

The metallic skin seems almost intangible, hovering between reality and fantasy – a comment on the tension between the interior and exterior self.

To address privacy, light and visibility issues, we designed an operable shutter system, which surrounds the entire building, protecting the interior and housing a series of lights, which offer residents ultimate control over not only what they see, but what others can see of them!